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Mar 25, 2008
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So if you were to goto one of these three schools, which one would it be?: Rutgers, TCNJ, or Rowan University


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Dec 10, 2008
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Pick the school that best fits you and where you feel you can succeed. Incidentally, there are people in my med school class from all 3 schools, so as long as you do well you'll be able to get into med school. I chose to go to Rutgers for undergrad because they offered me a free of the best decisions of my life.
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Aug 28, 2008
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I'd say Rutgers. In terms of medical school admissions, its all about the same. If you stick around SDN I think you'll get the general consensus that where you do your undergrad doesn't matter too much in the eyes of admissions committees.

The reason I say Rutgers is I think at big Div. 1 Research universities you get the "True" college experience. Football games to tailgate/go to, lots of research to get involved in with every possible academic discipline, every kind of person there, greek life, etc. Some of these things might not seem appealing to you right now (they didn't when I was a high school student) but sometimes its good to leave your comfort zone.

A lot of being a doctor is learning how to relate to people who are different than you. For example, when I volunteer at a hospital I can connect with patients over college football, something I had no interest in before college. At college I also found a lot of new interests in art, theatre, music, etc. because I made friends with people who have those interests. A lot of people will say schools like Rutgers have big lectures, but honestly, if you major in Biology, you will be in big lectures forever anywhere. My dad went to a small college with ~1,000 students and he said even there, microeconomics 101 was a 500 person class.
my 2 cents.
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