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Dec 3, 2007
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I'm a third year undecided on specialty. Other posts have emphasized the importance of scheduling ADTs early so it feels like I have to decide on my career by Jan or Feb at the latest. Right now I am wavering between general surgery and ob/gyn. If I haven't made up my mind by Jan or Feb, should I schedule one of each, say, surgery at BAMC and ob/gyn at Madigan? Any advice appreciated.
Nov 15, 2010
ADTs are basically month-long job interviews, and every specialty wants to know you are totally sold on their field. The answer to your question really depends on your goals and situation. Are you single/don't really care where you go? Because if you split your ADTs like that, you could come off as looking risky to both programs, and might match somewhere else or not match in either. I don't know how competitive either of the programs are that you mentioned, but if I were you (again...I was in the same situation) I'd flip a coin, PBR bottle top, or small friend and go ahead and pick a specialty. If you show up "absolutely sure this is what I want to go into", they are going to take you more seriously, and you are probably going to get to pick where you want to go these days.

That being vs OB? You must hate sleep.


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Jan 19, 2005
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I'm actually going to say the opposite. If you are interested in both OB/Gyn and General Surgery right now, then set up one ADT of each at places that you would like to go, and have both programs (translation: one OB/Gyn ADT and one GS ADT at places that have both residencies). Should you decide later in third year what you want, you can try to change one of the ADTs to the other specialty. Even if you are unable to make the switch, you will still be at the location of one of your program choices, and may be able to attend some of their didactic sessions/get your face out there. ADTs can fill quickly early on, but people change plans, and spots may open up come spring/summer.