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Which books for each subject?

Discussion in 'MCAT Discussions' started by Bond03, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. Bond03

    Bond03 7+ Year Member

    Mar 10, 2007
    The books that I have are:

    1. Examkrackers & 1001
    2. Kaplan
    3. PR
    4. BR

    For each subject, which company should I use? I heard that Examkrackers is best for Bio and BR is best for physical science? Does anyone disagree? Which books should I use to study Orgo and Verbal? Any recommendations would be great!

    P.S. This is coming from someone with a weak base in the sciences.

    Thank you ! :)
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  3. futuredoctor10

    futuredoctor10 10+ Year Member

    Jan 25, 2007
    Wow! You have every text prep book available I think :)

    I am wondering the same thing between Kaplan and EK books for each subject.
  4. dreams

    dreams 2+ Year Member

    Jun 24, 2007
    I first bought TPR complete set, used it for a week and then looked on here and went from there.. which now I have been using EK for verbal (must have!!!) bio, and o chem... and at first I used EK for physics and g chem but now I have TBR for those (much better!!!)

    so that leaves

    O chem-EK
    G chem-TBR
  5. SN2ed

    SN2ed Moderator Emeritus 7+ Year Member

    Jun 27, 2007
    Originally Posted by TheBoondocks [​IMG]
    This question gets asked like every three days. In short, EK series are stripped down with the basics you need to know. Get EK bio, it is by far the best for bio, all the responses on SDN say this. Know this book cold. If you don't believe me, type in EK bio in the search function. Personally, you learn the best from passages, If you have time and the cash I highly suggest purchasing Berkeley Review Gen Chem and Ochem. There physics is good too, but with PR it may be redundant. You will thank me later. You'll probably want EK biology review and EK 101 biology passages and EK verbal 101. PR is good, however, if you want to kill the MCAT you have to be able to integrate material. That's what BR does better than anyone else. Like, be able to answer questions if you see the circulatory system wired in parallel series.

    bio - 1. EK bio and 101 bio passages 2. Kaplan 3. PR/BR however, these don't suck, they're just detailed which turns off many people.

    Physics 1. BR/Nova 2. PR 3. Kaplan I really think BR but they're are a lot of people who swear by Nova on this site

    Verbal 1. Ek verbal and 101 passages 2. PR 3. BR 4. Kaplan (read stay from)

    Gen Chem 1. BR by far 2. PR 3. Kaplan/EK

    O Chem 1. BR by far 2. toss up between Kaplan/PR/Ek

    That is a general list of what i have read on SDN for the past 4 years, i came here and lurked throughout highschool. Good luck and hopefully this will help. EK is for people who KNOW the material and want review. If you are weak in something BR is the best since it's the most detailed and PR is detailed too, Kaplan is in the Middle, and EK is the least detailed but that doesn't mean it's bad. Just depends on the person. If you can I would buy the BR Chemistry books and Physics book. If you complete the PR science workbook along with BR passages and EK bio, you will kill the sciences. Ek Verbal should help you out with verbal.
  6. Bond03

    Bond03 7+ Year Member

    Mar 10, 2007
    Thanks so much SN2ed! This was the response I was looking for. And I was also want to ask, I just began my content review and I started with BR Gen Chem. It takes me 2 days to get through one section and I am scoring 7-8's on the practice questions. This is the first time I am going through the material and I'm hoping my low score is because I am learning the most of the info for the first time. Once I go through all of Gen Chem and start all over again, I'm thinking I will see the big picture and do better on the QS Nonetheless, I take notes in the margin and feel like I understand the material and then the question throw me off. Any advice on what I should be doing to improve my score?
  7. engineeredout

    engineeredout 7+ Year Member

    May 11, 2008
    Wouldn't worry about the scores yet. Like you said you're just learning/relearning the information for the first time. Just use the practice questions as tools to help you learn more and get adjusted to the mcat format, and wait until you start taking aamc practice exams before figuring out where you're scoring at.

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