which dent schools do not require a bachelor's degree to apply?

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Apr 16, 2006
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as teh question says.. are tehre many out there? i know columbia doesnt even require 4 years of undergrad study

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most don't require it, but very few people get in without a degree unless they are doing a combined bachelor-dental degree program in 7 years. If you're a freshman, or maybe even a sophomore, you can apply to one of those, but they are also very compeitive. you'd have to REALLY be an exceptional candidate for anyone to look at you without a bachelor degree. But it can be done, hypothetically at most schools.
my buddy did it. he got 24aa/24 pat though. plus a super high gpa.
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now a days it is so competitive that unless you have really good scores or connections than it will be really difficult to do.

You can always try though. I applied without a BS degree my first time (didn't get in) but I figured it was worth a shot. It gave me good experiance (what to do...what not to do) and had I gotten in then the monetary gamble would have been worth it.

I would do a search for the possible schools you would want to get into and check out their policy on residency, degree required (many will say that they don't requie one but rarely will they accept anyone without one) so call the school or do an SDN search and figure out which schools are the best for your scores/residency, etc.
I got into Minnesota and Iowa without a bachelors but I will have completed 4 years of undergrad and will be only short of a biology major because of genetics and ecology. It is doable but tough
I know of four people who got accepted into case this cycle w/o a degree and about a 18-19 AA.

UNLV has also accepted two of my friends this cycle w/o a degree and a 19-20 AA.

There you go if it helps. :)
people with out a degree meaning once they start d-school they wont have any degree?
I know UoP has a 2+3 year DDS program. It is a tough program to get into, you have to apply while in high school. You pretty much have to ace your SAT's, and be at the top of your class in HS. then if you get in, you take 2 years of pre-reqs, if you get A's you are allowed a interview at the dental school and if they like you, you are then accepted into their DDS program.
It is tough.

Then they have a 3+3 year BS/DDS program.
two of my classmates here at michigan do not have a degree...but they are smart as balls...we also have 2-3 yr grads (of which i am one) and 2-2 year grads (MAD SMART)