Which field allows the most for discontinuities?

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  1. After I'm done with residency, I plan to work for 2-3 years. Then I plan to take a year off, work another 2-3 years, take another year off, and so forth. I want to enjoy life and do the things I never got to by taking breaks from my work and going to far-off, exotic places. Money is not important to me.

    Which of the fields of medicine (i.e general surger, ER, IM, etc.) is most conducive to the doctor setting his hours and basically "stopping and going" in terms of when he/she wants to work?
    For example, would being a general surgeon allow such a freedom of taking extended breaks of a year or 2? Since most general surgeons work in groups, the other members might not appreciate you leaving. And if you did leave for such a long time, would it be easy to hook up with another group?

    What about ER? I hope you guys get the drift of my question...
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    The only way that I can think of for this to be done is to work as a "locum tenens". In other words, you are hired by a company that provides docs to hospitals, you can do this for EM, IM (as a hospitalist), I don't know if surgeons do this. You can get benefits and work the hours you contract for. Very early on (I think I was only a first year) I remember a rep from one of these firms coming out to give a talk to one of our clubs. Hope this helps. :cool: :) :cool:
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    Great idea. I've thought about doing the same. (actually, I'm doing it right now)

    Just realize that by the time you finish residency you might be a very different person. If you want to travel, I recommend doing it now.

    Depending on your school (if you don't have a bunch of mandatory lectures), you can get away with a lot of travel in the first two years. Two weeks at a time to different locations, a couple of times a year. I did it, aced my classes, and slammed the Boards. All it takes is a little discipline.

    Later you might have a spouse, perhaps even children, a house, a car, etc.

    I'm not saying that you can't live the freeswinging lifestyle. I'm just saying that by the time you get there you may not want to... :)

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