Which FLs to buy and how many?


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Nov 21, 2015
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    I really need a high MCAT score to make up for a bad GPA (probably will be around 3.45 by the time I apply, but fairly strong upward trend). I'm scheduled to take it July 22nd but am not sure which full lengths to buy from here.

    So far I've taken:
    5/15Kaplan FL1: 499 (123/125/126/125)
    5/21 Princeton Demo Test: 498 (123/125/123/127)
    6/8 Kaplan FL2: 504 (125/128/126/125)
    6/24 AAMC Sample (unscored): 78%, 83%, 71%, 80%

    I still have Kaplan FL 3 and the scored AAMC FL to take, but feel I still need a lot more FLs to improve my score significantly. I was hoping for at least a 510, but realize with my gpa I'll probably need a higher score to have a chance anywhere. Any suggestions on which FLs to purchase, with a little less than a month left? Also, how many more should I aim to complete before test day?

    (Also, can anyone help interpret the AAMC unscored FL? Is it anywhere near the score I should be aiming for?o_O)
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