Which GPA will med schools use?

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Aug 2, 2017
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I've had a somewhat non-traditional college experience. Started out at a private university taking distribution reqs for a semester (3.75 GPA/16 credits). The only science I took at this school was forensic science with lab. I then transferred to another private university where I double majored in history and communications (3.3 GPA, 3.25 sGPA). I only took one semester of biology with lab, one semester of math, and one semester of chemistry with lab, so I will need to finish up my pre-reqs at a state college. I've also been accepted into an accelerated BSN program which I'm confident I can finish with a good GPA (3.7+). Which of these GPAs will med schools consider my cGPA? If they'll average both will they place more emphasis on one?


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Aug 25, 2014
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Med schools do not use GPA calculated by your respective institutions. On the application, you will enter units and grades from ALL undergrad-level classes you've ever taken, so in a sense it will average everything. They will consider all your grades. They will also focus on your science GPA (defined as biology, physics, chemistry, and/or math) and see what your average is out of the BCPM classes you've taken. I don't know if forensic science is covered in any of those categories. Always helpful to google or get in contact with schools to see what they think about some classes you're not sure how to qualify.

If your end goal is med school make sure you really familiarize yourself with what the pre-reqs are, and possibly what other classes you should take to help supplement your education. BSN classes are not necessarily the same as med school prereqs.
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