Which grading system most appeals to you and why?

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well I mean, who on earth is going to say that the graded system appeals to them more than the Pass/Fail version...

the bottomline is, and that is what we all eventually found out, is that there are secret class rankings in all the schools...

now in some schools, there is NO CLASS CURVE (which is awesome), and in others there are...

even knowing the fact that the class is going to be ranked...the fact that it is on a straight curve...doesn't matter anymore!!! simply because you're on ur own, and it takes out class competition, and you compete with yourself...

so I guess my answer would be Pass/No Pass with no class averages based solely on straight scales would be Ideal....

but then again, who knows I've seen advocates of grading systems for med school like vanderbilt, where people make the claim that their USMLE Scores are much much higher than the national average :D

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"Which grading system most appeals to you and why?"

I like grade inflation.