Medical Which is my state residency for AMCAS?

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Sep 4, 2006
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When filling out the AMCAS, my permanent residence is in MO (my parents house, which I use as my permanent address) but my legal residence is in VA (I bought a car and had to change my license to get it registered/have only lived here about a year). Which is considered my “state” when applying? University of Missouri was my undergrad institution and I obviously plan on applying there, preferably as an in-state resident as I’d not only have a much better chance of admission, tuition is significantly less expensive. Thoughts?
After 6 months of living and working in Virginia (as a nonstudent) you became a legal resident of Virginia. If you apply more than one year prior to matriculation, you will qualify for in-state tuition in Virginia.

After your year away from Missouri, it will take you one year of living and working in that state to re-establish Missouri residency. Flow sheet for determining Missouri residency:

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