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Which Kaplan Test is the closet one to the real MCAt?


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Jan 13, 2005
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    What does it matter? Just use them for what they are for... practice. There is not going to be a practice test like your real MCAT. If there is, it would be by complete chance. Some MCATs are harder than others. I wish people would stop asking this question. No offense to the OP.
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    Aug 12, 2004
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      i think the problem is that we have too many gunners out for themselves. People have to start realizing this is a help each other forum where we HELP EACH OTHER.

      I'm not sure if Kaplan FL's are good gauges because Kaplan, a money making enterprise, will try and show you a "score improvement" throughout the course by downscaling the difficulty of their tests. So i'm not sure if the latter ones (4,5) are adequate comparison for the real test. However, try some of the ones in 6-11.


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      May 10, 2006
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        bunnybear said:
        hey guys, which Kaplan test do you think are the best ones and closet one to the real MCAt? By the way our EK exams good indicative of how you do on the MCAt??

        I'm starting to feel like none of them are. Take an AAMC test instead. There are a lot of differences. If you took the Kaplan class, they would give you practice tests 1 - 5 in order. Generally speaking, the tests get easier as you go. There is a separate curve (conversion) for each of them, but notice that the curve really doesn't change THAT MUCH. So, there is your score increase as you go. Regardless of whether you are ACTUALLY getting better, you will probably get better.

        Take an AAMC. 7, 8, and 9 are supposedly closest to the real thing.
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