Which Med. School is best for me?

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by WOutAPulse, May 16, 2000.

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    May 15, 2000
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    I am a Paramedic/Firefighter who is passionate about Emergency Medicine. I'm currently working on my premed at a state university in Georgia. I would like to decide which med. school will bring me what I need as an emergency physician, give me the best residency options, and any other essentials that I may not even know about. An early decision will give me a target so that I may obtain what "they" are looking for in a student. At this point, I am still considering that surgery may be a posiblity once in med. school.
    I'm a Biology major (in my freshman year), GPA 4.0 (so far, so good), and I plan to minor in German (for diversity - what my advisor says med. schools are looking for...?). The slate is clean. What do I need anyway?
    I have a family, which may put traveling far from home to a certain limit, but I'll consider all options.
    Thanks for any advice.

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    Sorry, but EM residency is one of the most competitive residencies there are! It used to be an easy residency to get into, but not any more. Must be very high up in your class and score excellent on your USMLE I. Check ACGME pages for details, but I'm also a paramedic who has talked with many ER docs and they have all stated that it is very very hard to get and EM residency. thanks
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    Feb 13, 2000
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    As the above poster noted, EM is a very, very competitive residency to match into. From what I've heard so far (talking with residents, attendings and MS-4s who just matched), you will need to do well on the boards, get good grades, do VERY well on your rotations, and line up some strong rec letters. As you can see, these factors depend very little (if at all) on which school you go to. In the end, it's what you put into your medical education which determines what your prospects are. Since you're in GA and are, I assume, a GA resident, focus on the schools there, if for no other reason than reducing your debt load and avoiding having to move your family. However, you will want to apply to more than those schools.

    For now, continue to do well in your classes; do some research if you have time. By the way, don't major in bio if you would rather major in something else. Med schools love non-science majors (who've demonstrated that they can do well in science). If you love bio, great, but if you're majoring in it because you think you have to, that's another matter. Study what you love and you'll do well.

    Good luck!

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