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Jun 6, 2006
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I submitted my AMCAS app on 6/20, I recieved an email (on 6/28) that my transcripts were recieved on 6/22, but my status wasn't changed to "ready for review" until the email on 6/28 (which I think was the consequence of my frantic phone call wondering why it was taking over a week for my transcript to get there!). I still am "ready for review," but I was wondering if my transcript would count as complete on the 22nd or 28th- when the actually got my transcript or when they changed my status?
Also, I didn't send (and requested transcript exemption) the transcript for a class I was taking at the time (a 2 credit class at a CC) because grades didn't come out until the beginning of July and I had assumed (silly me!) that my app would be verified by then. But since the class is now complete with grades out will AMCAS want that transcript? I had designated the class as current/in progress because at the time I submitted it the class was still ongoing. I could care less if the grade for the class goes on my app, which is why I didn't wait for it. This shouldn't mess anything up, should it?