Which pharmacy schools do not require Bachelor's degree?


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Jul 19, 2010
  1. Pre-Pharmacy
    Does anyone know which pharmacy schools do not require Bachelor's degree? I am thinking about applying to few pharmacy schools that does not require Bachelor's degree this year. I understand that the chance is low but it doesn't hurt to try and I heard that will increase my chance of getting in next year as a reapplicant.
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    Feb 21, 2012
      Hi, just question on website you posted.
      I especially have question about notation in source you gave.
      a. no pre-pharmacy required for admission
      = does this mean 6a indicate 6 year pharmacy school program that do not require pre-pharmacy?
      b. pre-professional study required
      = what is pre-professional study? does this mean pre-requisite course for pharmacy school?
      c. 2 years pre-pharmacy required, accelerated
      = does this mean without being pre-pharmacy as undergraduate, impossible to even apply to those pharmacy school with such notation?
      Also, what is 2-3 program, 3-4 program, 4-2 program stand for?
      Do these mean undergraduate years-graduate years program respectively?
      Please reply me for detailed answer.


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      Feb 21, 2012
        Hi, I just wanted you to remind that this is my first time using this forum.
        Not only I have many questions on being pharmacist but I know so little about process.
        :oops:heh heh heh
        Please, I need help and I would appreciate for answering previous question I posted yesterday.
        If possible, are there same information uploaded in 2012? I only see 2010-2011 from reference you showed.
        Anyway, please reply me back.:luck:


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        Apr 28, 2010
          That table is kind of weird, I am a bit confused as well. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong

          Seems like... a = no pre pharm requirement needed,
          b = prepharm prerequisites needed

          don't know about the 2 yr part in c, but I believe it's prepharm prerequisites required.

          I believe you are correct on the 2-3, 3-4 and 4-2 because I know USC has a 7 years program for pharmacy + undergraduate. 3 yr undergrad + 4 yr pharm = 3-4

          The best course of action for you would be call the school you are interested in and ask them how their programs work. A quick visit to their website would answer your questions as well. Also start with the link chemguy79 provided, all the information is there.
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