Mar 31, 2010
Hi ya'll
Sorry if this may be a petty question... I just am unbelievably torn b/w these two school (CCOM and DMUCOM). I really would love to get a pedes residency at one of the Naval Hospitals.... I am aware that both schools allow elective rotations that I would be able to do at any hospital. I guess my major concern is that CCOM's 2010 match list doe not have ANY military matches.... where as DMU has quite a few.... Can anybody help me out with this decision.... thanks!!


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Aug 27, 2005
DMU is very military friendly. The dean used to be in the Army. There are many students in HPSP and the National Guard.


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Apr 12, 2003
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Both are good osteopathic medical schools. I have a personal bias against the freshest of the COMs (built past ~2000), and both of those are long, long standing. The thing you have to realize is that there really isn't going to be a military UN friendly place. Given that most COMs are private and, cost-wise, on par with (or exceeding) the typical cost of private medical schools, the HPSP is going to look like a good option for many incoming med students (even though it might not be). Also, I believe, that the history that the DO profession with the military, makes COMs very military friendly. Lastly, the lack of .mil matches is only the reflection of an individual year. In my first year of medical school, there had only been 2-3 HPSP students in the previous two classes, combined (a few more took a scholarship as second years). My class had 6 or 7 and every class since has had about that number or more. There are just going to be natural fluctuations in the numbers. Between DMU and CCOM, I'd say just go to whichever one you like better (DMU's reputation is about on par with CCOM and PCOM, though the network of hospitals that CCOM and PCOM have in their folds probably exceeds all others).


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Feb 26, 2009
DMU hates the military.
Really? Cause I have 4 friends at DMU and they havent complained at all. The school even worked with them to go to BOLC this summer even though they would have to miss a week of class to attend. From my understanding they are very military friendly.