Mar 22, 2010
I was torn between University of Mary(Bismarck, North Dakota) and NYIT, NYIT costs 90k and UOM costs 56k, living in ND is also much cheaper than in NYC. I will choose UOM if I conisder cost the most. However, I am an international student and I am most concerned about find a job (need to pay loans from family after graduation), I do know that, most students go to NYIT secure their jobs before graduation, working in NYC also gets higher pay than many other places. I dont think UOM students can find a job as easy as NYIT students as North Dakota is such a small state.

Although everyone is saying it does not really matter which school you go to, I am still not sure and pls. give me some advice, I need to reply UOM by this Friday whether to accept their offer or not, thank you for your input!