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Which schools are all/majority PBL?


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Feb 6, 2007
  1. Medical Student
ATSU-Mesa will be using something similar to PBL. Its called the clinical presentation model (developed in Calgary, Canada), which proposes that there are exactly 125 ways that patients present to doctors (i.e. patient presents with cough, or headache, etc.). You go through all the presentations, starting as a large group, facilitated by a faculty member, then spilt up into smaller groups. It's not pure lecture or PBL, but has some elements of both. It's not split up into traditional subjects such as physiology, biochemistry, etc. and gives you a clinical context like PBL.

Doctor Bagel

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Sep 26, 2002
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  1. Attending Physician
I think LECOM-B might be the only solely pbl school, but lots of do schools have a pbl track. Students in that track have a pure pbl curriculum. The following schools have this option --


There might be more -- these are the ones that come to mind. I think OUCOM pioneered the pbl thing.
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