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Yogi Bear

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Oct 11, 2001
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For those who applied for the 2002 cycle, which schools offered u interviews/acceptances first?

i wanna know so i can fill out secondaries for schools that are early offering acceptances/rejections as opposted to those who aren't rolling and don't make a decision until march.


Portuguese Momma
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Mar 20, 2002
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I would fill out the secondaries for all the schools you applied to asap. The earlier the better for all medical schools, not just those that interview early.


Florida winters are the best!
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Jan 9, 2002
Tampa, FL
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I agree, you should do all of them ASAP without exception and no matter what school its for.
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do them as they come - unlike me hah - but i've been told not to sweat over the secondaries, just don't do anything wierd. i think its ok to go a bit more standard on these, the literary gem was the personal statement.


The Procrastinator
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Jul 6, 2001
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A few days won't make a big difference. :) As everyone else here recommended, complete the secondaries as they come in. DON'T let them pile up! Take a break for a day if you're wiped out. You can cute and paste for a lot of the secondaries, but just make sure to "tailor" your essay to the school.
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