Which schools will look at a candidate waiting for Aug Scores?


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Jan 13, 2002
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Even though I submitted AMCAS in June, I am pretty afraid that they are not gonna look at my application in late October or so, when my Aug MCAT scores come in. I got a 29 (6VR,12BS,11PS,S WS) on my Aprill 2000 MCAT and was pretty bummed out by that. Are there any schools from this list that you may know of that simply wont throw an application with an Aug score pending in the pile. The reason I ask is because my app has been processed and I'm expecting secondaries pretty soon, and I'm thinking that if the schools are gonna put my application on hold until the scores come in, then maybe I should just wait to finish my secondaries after the Aug 17 exam.


depends if you reported that you would be taking august mcat. your score is definately good enough to get secondaries - if you are just going to send in your scores as an update, you'll get your secondaries and probably interviews etc... if they are expecting an august test then they hold you up a bit. i would still try to get them done and have them ready cause it gets busy later on eh?
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What do you mean? I don't know of any schools that will not consider you just because you are taking the aug. MCATs? Maybe I'm mis-reading your question.

Also, go ahead and do your secondaries as soon as possible. Some schools *will* tell you that they do not look at your file until your August scores come in, but I don't think that is completely true. I still think they do their initial screening for secondaries and such and might even make the interview offer as teh other person said. But get your file "done" as soon as possible (minus the aug mcat).


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Apr 26, 2002
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From personal experience taking the august MCAT...most schools will send you a secondary automatically while many others that screen will not until the Aug scores come in. Either way though, your app will be thrown into the pile until the latest scores come in.

The worst case scenario happened to me where some of my schools didn't even send me a secondary until my Aug. scores came out and even then it took them till November to send me the secondaries.

Basically your app is incomplete w/o your Aug scores so decisions on interviews and the like will be put on the backburner. However, it still isn't a bad idea to have your secondaries ready to go anyway.
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