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Sep 20, 2001
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hi, i'm wondering which kaplan dat study book i should buy, i'm not sure if i should buy someones materials which they were given in the class or just purchase that 800+ page kaplan book which is sold on amazon and other book sites. Used kaplan material seems to bring around 200-350 on ebay and that other book is like 40.00, is there this much difference in quality or any at all?


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Dec 12, 2001
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Shepard...what you see at, that one red Kaplan DAT study book, IS exactly like the Kaplan DAT studying book from the Kaplan course. But the difference is:

If you buy the used Kaplan course materials from someone or on Ebay or sign up for the Kaplan course, you'll receive more than just that one red, thick book! In addition to that one red book, you'll get a DAT workbook and other materials!

Now you may ask, well do I need all those extra Kaplan stuff to do well on the DAT? My answer for you is "NO", you do not!

In my opinion, if you don't have much money, then just buy that $40.00 red Kaplan book from and know the front and back of every single page ALONG with the TOPSCORE CD, I strongly feel that you'll be set for the DAT!

But if you have the money to fork out, then I would recommend Kaplan DAT course materials. The more resources you have, the more "resources" you'll have!

Good luck on your DAT studies....I'm sure a lot of people in this forum will contribute in attempt to address your concern.

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