Apr 7, 2010
Hi everyone, I lurk here quite a bit.

Right now I am a junior and behind on my prereqs.

I can't decide whether to take physics 2 or orgo 1 in the summer. If I take orgo 1, I will have more of a chance to take the mcat at a decent time and not have to overly delay my entrance into med school.

However, if I take physics two, I will still have phys 1 info fresh in my mind to apply it to the class, but will be behind on taking mcat sooner and will thus delay my entrance into med school (counting on that I get accepted, of course).

Any suggestions, any feedback, etc?
Someone said just take them both... but I don't want to murder myself. I also work two jobs, I know I will have to let one of them go in order to apply myself to class.