Hey all,
I just had a question about white coats. The one the school gave to us is not quite cutting it out for clinicals. I am looking for one that also has inside pockets. Is there a website where they have good white coats for sell that also fit well? Thanks!
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Originally posted by Adcadet
as far as I can tell, when wearing the white coat we have to wear the one our school gives us along with the nametag and hospital ID.

What makes the one they give you any different than any other coat? If it has a shoulder patch, I'm sure it can be easily removed and stitched onto a new coat.

I second the recommendation of allheart.com for variety and good prices (although their shipping in steap). But you may want to check out a uniform or medical supply store to try on a couple to get the feeling for what you really want so that when you loook at the descriptions online. I've bought from allheart.com, but knew I was replacing my current coat (with inside pockets).
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