Who Needs Algebra Practice?


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Dec 1, 2011
  1. Pre-Podiatry
    Physics teacher said he would give us extra credit for this. I can't figure it out myself, and it's definitely not necessary for the MCAT, but if you want some algebra practice (which is good for the MCAT) here's a good (hard) problem. No need to post your work, I just thought it would be good practice for PS. This is in regard to conduction from one material to another material where T1=hot, T2=cold, and T3=area between them.

    Derive P=[A(T1-T2)]/[(L1/K1+L2/K2)] from L2K1A(T1-T3)=L1K2A(T3-T2)=P

    All he told us was to solve for T3 then plug it back in.

    Edit: Nevermind, it's not that bad.
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