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Who wants to go to Finch?


Full Member
10+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Feb 21, 2004
  1. Medical Student
  2. Resident [Any Field]
I don't think the original poster's statements are harsh. Actually someone I know interviewed and got accepted there and NYU and some Ohio school. Anyhow, she said the same exact thing about Finch.

The thing is that Finch is in the middle of nowhere and not in true Chicago. It is in NORTH CHICAGO which is nothing like true Chicago. Thus, most people don't like it out there.
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7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Feb 11, 2004
although the location of finch is not desirable, nor is it's ranking, the truth is that finch is an excellent place to get your medical training. i am a medical student in another school but have spent time with other students and visited classes. they are well taught, the notes are very complete [unlike my own school which will be unnamed], and the faculty is very receptive of their students. the dean of student affairs, dean reese is also a very supportive person in acheiving your success and is out to motivate you. not all schools are like this where you may be funnelled into a field you don't want to be in and wonder if some of the faculty is actually out to hurt you.

3rd and 4th year training is done in downtown chicago, where you would likely live. you will be doing rotations in some of the busiest hospitals in the nation.

my only warning about the school is that it seems high stress. but then again, which school is not.


Life Size Mirror
7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Mar 19, 2004
Boston, MA
I also noticed the high stress aspect of the school as well. Much more so than at other schools.
One of the reasons I started this post is because I know a 4th year at Finch and he told me that if I could avoid going to Finch in favor of any other allopathic school in the US that I should do that. I just wanted to know if most of the people feel that way too.


Senior Member
15+ Year Member
Jul 14, 2002
HAAAR-vard of the West
  1. Medical Student
When I was volunteering at a clinic, we had four 4th year medical students rotate through sometime around Febuary when they were practically done with medical school. Three of the students told us stories of how awesome medical school is and how it is nowhere near as hard as undergrad. However, the one student from Finch said it was absolute hell, especially first year. She told us to NEVER go to Finch unless it was our last and final hope. On a positive note, she was by far the hottest out of the 4 medical students. :love:


Senior Member
7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Jun 24, 2002
Actually Finch has always been my first choice and I am so excited about starting in July.

The facilites are top-notch and the faculty seem really nice and genuinly care about their students. Yes it's challenging and academically rigorous but that is a good thing!! Finch churns out top medical students. My student host was actually accepted to 4 medical schools (in US) and chose to go to Finch, she's really happy as well and is doing fantastic in school.
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