Why Are You Applying to Ireland/UK Schools?

Discussion in 'UK & Ireland' started by Mike MacKinnon, Jan 19, 2006.

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Why Are You Applying to UK/Ireland Med Schools?

  1. I dont have a shot in Canada/USA so this is it *cross yer fingers for me*

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  2. They do not require all the same pre reqs / MCAT

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  3. I really want to goto med-school in that country *Future X-Patriot*

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  4. I've been rejected from US/CA schools this is another option ** But it isnt my first choice **

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  5. I think this is better than the carribean and NA isnt an option for me

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  1. Hey All

    I was wondering what the general concensus is as to why people in NA are applying to UK/Ireland medical schools.

    What do you think?
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