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Discussion in 'Dental' started by medname, Feb 24, 2002.

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    Feb 21, 2002
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    Hello everybody! I am a pre-med student and the son of a dentist. I have always told myself that I would never be a dentist. Mainly because I did not have a lot of interest and also because I wanted to blaze my own trail. However, recently I have come to view dentistry as a tremendous career alternative.

    So, I guess I am curious to see how others have started their interest in Dentistry and what they think the field has to offer. Do others come from a dentistry family and if so, did you all always have the desire to become dentists?

    This is a pretty wide open post!
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  3. Loudy

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    Nov 25, 2001
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    1. Help people stay healthier and look better. Plus, you get to be a very positive role model. I want a career that is not too ordinary and makes me feel good about what I do.

    2. A big part of the appeal for me is the level of professional independance. I know I'd be bitter if I were to spend 7 years in school just to get out and work in the extrememly hierarchical system of a hospital. Not nearly enough autonomy for me.

    3. Being able to build my own practice is important to me, as is being able to work hours that would not drive my family crazy.

    4. Live a very financially secure life and be able to enjoy it without taking home any life or death type stress.

    5. As an artist and a musician, I love to use my hands as well as my head! Plus, I am a complete gear freak so the chance to get to use cutting-edge, state of the art tools on a daily basis is like being in a toy shop for me!

    Just do whatever is calling you personally and will make you happy. If it's from the heart, it'll be the right choice. Take care and good luck!
    Cheers, Loudy
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    Jan 29, 2002
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    I also have a father who is a dentist. I never gave dentistry a thought. Working in people's mouths just didn't interest me, BUT then I came into a situation where I needed to assist with him one time and a big lightbulb came on. I am older and wish I had taken an interest ealier, but I think my experience in other health care related fields has given me a different outlook. The huge pluss is I have a practice to walk into after dental school. I also look at it as a specialty. You are a head and neck specialist after you graduate. Plus if you do like working with your hands and fixing things it is even that much better. I am only a freshman in dental school, but work on the weekends assisting and I just love it! I would highly recommend you looking into dentistry. It is a good time, there will be a big need for new dentists in the near future.

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