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Dr. FS

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Apr 29, 2000
New York City
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I respect and admire nurses, but why become one, when there are so many good fields in medicine to choose from..such as Physician Assistant for instance.

Nurses==too much work, under-paid, too much responsibilities, and not apreciated, so why persue that career.

it is a beatiful career, but it has too litle reward...that is important too..

I am shooting to become a DR, not that i want you to do the same..


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May 4, 2000
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YOU should not become a nurse!!! However, for the individual who is interested in direct HANDS ON patient care and loves a challenge there are many areas of nursing that are very stimulating, useful, and appreciated.

My direct experience as a nurse was in ICU/CCU and I can tell you the nurses and physicians in a quality facility work hand in hand in saving lives and ensuring quality of life in many patients. It is a true team effort and as I have seen on this SDN site many doctors know that a "Competent Nurse" is worth her weight in gold!!! Nurses are the eyes and ears of their physicians. And in specialty areas often initiate life saving measures long before physicians even arrive on scene.

I would say that respect for nurses varies from facility to facility and even from unit to unit.

So for you F.S. good luck inb medical school; but for those out there who have the calling and are willing to dedicate what it takes to becoming a competent health care provider HOOOO RAY !!!!
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