Aug 28, 2015
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Are you interested in Wilderness Medicine?

Are you a third year FP resident?


The University of California San Francisco - Fresno now offers 1 fellowship position for Family Medicine graduates, with applications now open for this year. As the first official fellow, I'd be happy to answer any and all questions related to this new opportunity! Most information can be found on our website:

In a nutshell, here's what you will do in 1 year:
- Teach medical students, residents and park rangers topics and refresher courses in wilderness medicine
- Participate in mass-casualty training events
- Give monthly lectures on various wilderness topics
- Opportunity to learn advanced search and rescue techniques: high-angle ropes, swift water, litter carry
- Optional ski patrol time at China Peak
- Research project of your interest
- Optional helicopter ride-alongs
- Tactical medicine involvement
- National and/or international conferences
- Stipend for wilderness-related expenditures
- Work in a local urgent care part-time (hourly)
- Work towards your FAWM or DiMM certification
- Hike, bike, ski, climb, raft, kayak, fish the Sierra Nevada!
- Yosemite, Kings Canyon, Sequoia National Parks - all in your backyard!
- Previous fellows have gone to Costa Rica, Nepal, etc. for learning opportunities, conferences, research

Feel free to post here or PM me for more details! Apply early!

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Apr 28, 2008
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What is the benefit long-term/career-wise to doing a Wildnerness Med fellowship?
Aug 28, 2015
Fellow [Any Field]
What is the benefit long-term/career-wise to doing a Wildnerness Med fellowship?
Great question! Most folks who complete this fellowship are not going to be a full-time "wilderness" physician, but will use the vast amount of knowledge and skill obtained throughout the year to augment their careers in the clinic / urgent care / ED. Here's a brief list of possible opportunities that a graduate from the fellowship could consider:

-Teaching at CE courses on wilderness topics around the world (FAWM certification helps!)
-Becoming faculty at a current fellowship site
-Serving as an expedition physician (DiMM certification if going mountaineering)
-Providing consultation or acting as a board member on a local search and rescue outfit
-Working with local or federal government agencies to promote wilderness policy and safety measures or EMS protocols
-Boost a resume to land an amazing career at a clinic nearby or within a National Park / Forest, or ski area.

The best response, however, is: wilderness medicine is incredibly fun, exciting, and rapidly evolving! It's a terrific way to augment a career that may otherwise burn someone out with a more traditional clinic schedule. It's not for everyone, but if you have further interest, check out The Wilderness Medicine Society website, our website at UCSF - Fresno, and remember to follow your heart!
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I am so super excited to be able to do this when I finish FM residency in 2020! I already do search and rescue work, so thought it would be a great hobby addition to my standard fm work. Thanks for posting the info!!