Medical Will a disorderly conduct charge because of my roommate affect my applications?

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Sep 4, 2006
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My housemate threw herself a 21st birthday party in our off campus house a few weeks ago. It's not campus housing for my university, but still overseen by our office of neighborhood life. A neighbor called because a bunch of people congregated on our front lawn and our campus "noise police" came. Now I'm facing a "Disorderly Conduct" charge simply because I'm a resident of the house, which I know I'll have to report to med schools as an IA. The charge hasn't been finalized yet, but I'm really bummed that I'll have to report it to the schools I've applied to. I already have 8 interviews and was hoping to hear back from some others, but I'm worried that by having to send this in, it could turn them away from even looking at me. Is this something I should be stressing out over as much as I am? Will schools that are maybe still reviewing me be less likely to extend an II?
If the Disorderly Conduct charge is finalized, this IA as you've presented it is not something to stress over, as it's unlikely to negatively impact your applications, other than invoking another layer of review.

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