Will adcoms give me a hard time for re-applying this upcoming round?


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Aug 11, 2009
Hi all -

I'm a fourth year in undergrad and last year I applied to medical school in a bit of a rush. Originally I had intended to take a year off before going back to school, but I started studying for the MCATs late August, took them early Sept (for some reason I didn't want to wait until Jan), and did very well. In the midst of my inexperience I thought should just go for it that year.

I've never felt so unprepared as I did for the proceeding months. I rushed to write a personal statement to get the application into schools by 10/15. I had two strong LORs from professors and one from the director of an organization I volunteered for, and thought that was enough (neglected the fact that most schools require three LORs from teachers...). To top it off I didn't have any shadowing/clinical experience. I'm making good progress with that right now though.

I did my secondaries but I don't think a lot of them are even considered complete (they don't have all the required letters, though I did pay their fees). At some point I realized that all of this was a fool's errand, and my original plan to wait one year had a lot more... foresight.

Oh well. I learned a lesson. The thing is, I'm applying again this year (much earlier this time!). Do you think I'll have anything I need to explain to admissions committees?


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Jan 22, 2010
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"So I see that you are a reapplicant."

"Did you call the deans to see how you could improve on your application?"

"What do you think was the problem last time?"

"What schools did you apply to this year?"