Will dropping Organic Lab hurt my chances???!!

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May 10, 2002
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Ahhhhhh, Organic lab at my school is so hard. Our lab instructor assign the students so much work that it barely give the students enough time for other classes. I am doing fine right now, barely pulling a C+ (two more test left) and I think that I can pull it to a B. However, I am taking Organic lecture, Genetics lect/lab, Physics lect/lab, Sociology, and religion. If I try to devote a lot of time to that lab then all my other classes will suffer. It is getting close to the end of the semester and I am trying to do good in the lecture portion of Organic. What do you all think? Do you think that I should drop the lab and have a WITHDRAWAL on my transcript (I already have two W on my transcript). Please help, thanks a lot.
PS--Anybody ever dropped the lab portion of Organic and still got into medical school?

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Oh yeah, and this is the last day to decide if I should keep O lab or W it. Thanks again.
you absolutely, 100 percent need that o chem lab grade to get into medical school. if the class really is that hard, maybe its on a curve? in any case, bust your ass to get that up to a B or above, no doubt about it. at some schools o chem lab is relatively easy so a low grade probably wont look to hot.
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Yeah, you either have to take the lab now or take it later. It's pretty much an absolute requirement for getting into med school. And you have to know the info for the MCAT anyway...
what if I take it over again and make an A when my schedule is less crowded, I am a junior this year and plan on applying my senior year. I am planning on taking it my senior year. What do you all think? Thanks again.
Originally posted by Raptor
what if I take it over again and make an A when my schedule is less crowded, I am a junior this year and plan on applying my senior year. I am planning on taking it my senior year. What do you all think? Thanks again.

As long as you take it before you matriculate... Even though it's better to have med school pre-reqs taken care of before senior year, it's not absolutely required.
Thanks so much you guys.
i would stick with the lab- will your course load really get easier than that? it doesn't seem like it's that intense.
oops- i didn't see that you were taking a physics lecture as well- sorry
I know what you mean about labs being hell, I was in the same situation last year this time. I ended up dropping the lab, it was too much stress and was taking away from my other classes. I plan on taking that lab again next fall.

Orgo lab is kind hard and very long, if you feel you can be more focused and give it your best later, do that. Just make sure you take it before you graduate.

I guess this is too late now?
can you withdraw from you sociology or religion class so you'll have more time for the lab?
I had to drop a chem lab, and ended up just retaking it. So if ur that worried bour ur grade, and have time to retake it, AND will not recieve some academic penalty of some sort, then just withdrawl(we call it Q dropping), and retake it. No big deal.
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Well, I didn't drop the lab and just planning on sticking it through. I talked to my lab instructer and she said that it will be better just to keep the lab. I figured that having another W on my transcript will look like I was just trying to take the easy way out. I will just work really hard in lab and pull it up to at least a B if not a C+.
I want to know if any of you have the same experience. Our lab report (worth 15%) is about 12 pages long every week, we have a quizes (worth 15% of our grade) on every lab we do at the beginning of every lab, we then have to work through 4 hours of lab every week, we have to turn in every product (worth 15% of our grade) with the correct percent yield, we have to turn in our lab book (worth 15%) at the end of the semester, which is graded. I mean everyone spent more hours on lab then they do in the class. I been doing good on all the tests (worth 40% of our grade), we have one more left.
Thanks so much you guys for advising me. People like yall (from the south) will make great doctors.
plus the lab is only like 1 credit:laugh: all that work for 1 credit!!!:laugh: :laugh: :eek: +pissed+ sorry for venting
Hi Raptor:

I would recommend that you keep taking your lab. If you withdraw, some schools will require that you explain any "W" on your transcript.

If you pull a C in lab this semester, make up for it by obtaining an A in either biochem lab or Orgo II lab.
Thank you Kovox, i probably going to have to explain if I get a C or a B.
Ok, please don't take this the wrong way, but I'm going to have to give you my opinion on this from my experience, so...

Don't drop it. I, for one, don't believe in dropping classes. If you can't handle 5 classes and labs, make sure you don't overcommit yourself again next semester. However, you definitely need an Orgo lab. I'm currently taking 5 classes and 2 labs, including Orgo 2 and although it's a huge struggle, all of my classes are necessary (that's why I'm taking them all right now). I, too, have lower grades this semester than last b/c my courseload is harder, but after seeing a decline in my grades, I realized that I wasn't studying enough and I've been trying to adjust my schedule to allow more orgo study time. You just have to buckle down and get through the last 5 or 6 weeks of the semester. You can do it. If I, a (somewhat) reformed procrastinator can take my course load and hold down 3 jobs, then you can do it too. Most orgo classes are curved alot; don't stress over it. If you get a C, you can still always retake it, right?