Medical Will it hurt me if it took 6 years to complete undergrad?

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Dec 25, 2008
    I am feeling a bit insecure and worried about not being graduated until Fall 2022; I started my first semester of college Fall 2016. That's six years. :( Will I be looked down upon for this by adcoms? The only reason it's taking me so long is because:

    1. I didn't know what I really wanted to major in until 2 semesters ago. Chose Biochem.
    2. I have two minors - Anthropology and Criminal Justice. Also a member of my Uni's Honors writing college.
    3. I work part time for Anesthesiologists and Pain mgmt docs, before this I worked full time during some of college
    4. Trying to make time for research hours, volunteering, and EC's.
    5. I took two years from high school (I'm 24 now) because I couldn't afford college, didn't know about grants until someone told me (I don't have parents so they didn't teach me).

    Are these applicable reasons for taking so long, or just sorry excuses? Edit: also might point out my gpa is 3.8
    Thanks in advance for any advice and explanations.
    I can't imagine this being a significant concern, given your high grades and presumably strong ECs/clinical experience.


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    Mar 12, 2013
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      As long as you as you have a story and the story makes sense, you will Be fine. I just now graduated from medical school and I just turned 32. I graduated from high school in 2006 and graduated from undergrad 2013. I was asked about it but just explained what happened. If you are competitive for medical school it won’t matter.

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