Will lower DAT scores 2nd time around,affect admission w/schools w/interviews?!


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Aug 7, 2002
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Hi, okay I got a problem guys. Any help would be much appreciated. Before I got any interviews, I had sent in my ADA form to retake the DAT and I filled out the form and wanted to send all my 2nd scores to the schools again (thinking I wouldnt get any interviews). However, I now received 3 interviews. What should I do about the scores that are going to be sent to the schools I'm interviewing with (Case-Western, Temple, Boston)? Will it affect my admission process? What if I do worse the 2nd time? Please help!!


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Nov 1, 2000
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If those schools have your complete application (including your first DAT scores) and you have advised them that you plan to retake the DAT, you have placed yourself into a bit of a fluid situation. On one hand, I cannot imagine your having gotten interview invites from those schools prior to Dec 1 if they were not satisfied with your present stats. On the other hand, everything about you on your application (except your first DAT scores) may be flashing OUTSTANDING APPLICANT which might motivate those schools to interview you in order to not to pass up a diamond that lost some of its luster because of a first DAT score. I don't think I helped you much. Maybe some other folks on this forum will have more conclusive advice for you. Good luck.

P.S. Everything else being equal, posting 2nd DAT scores that
are lower than the 1st would not be a positive scenario.
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