Will my nursing credits be included in my gpa?

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Feb 9, 2010
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Ok, so here's my story. I attended 2yrs at cc A, then transferred to university A for a year before i had financial issues. I then went to cc B to become a nurse to solve my financial problems. Now I'm back at university A to finish what I started(premed!).
While i did become a nurse, I didn't take the classes too seriously since I never wanted to do nursing. I only did it as a means to an end. I would sleep in class and not bother studying much. I passed the exams w/out much effort.
I was wondering if I apply to med school will I have to include those hours with my transcript?
*note while I didn't take nursing school seriously, I am extremely serious about my undergrad. The grades will be a's-b's compared to c's in nursing school.

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Smh...i should've considered that.
I hope a's in upper level courses like biochem, histo, molecular bio, & others are weighed more heavily than the nursing creds.