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Will you pass the NAPLEX?

Discussion in 'Pharmacy Licensure and Exams' started by Amicable Angora, Sep 8, 2017.

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    Have no idea if you're prepared for the big day? Feeling anxious and doubts about your ability? Even considering rescheduling your exam? I will accurately predict whether or not you will pass.

    Forget the long list of unspecific competencies that NABP puts out. They are so broad and general they cannot help focus your study.

    Shrouded by mystery, the NAPLEX in actuality is simply comprised of 3 true competencies (surprisingly distributed evenly thoroughly the exam) to determine whether you pass or fail. There is also a 4th factor, luck, but that is not something you can control (OR CAN YOU?):

    1. Memorization - The ability to memorize general facts and knowledge, AND extremely specific, situational knowledge, aka TRIVIA.
    An example of general knowledge: Hypertension guidelines, first line therapy, etc.
    An example of TRIVIA: Laboratory ranges for a patient's lithium levels.

    2. Critical Thinking - The ability to reason through a question, the ability to analyze a patient case and connect different pieces of information together. The ability to perceive irrelevant, distracting information from a question.
    Example: Recognize/Notice that "Sam" is a woman; adjust creatinine clearance calculations.

    3. Mathematical Ability - Including Biostatistics.
    Example: Calculate the corrected calcium level for this patient.

    In order to pass the NAPLEX you need to be competent in 2 of the 3 competencies, and ideally, have a bit of luck. While you don't want your competency of weakness to be so major that you would objectively be seen as incompetent, you can pass the NAPLEX with a serious deficiency in one of the 3 competency areas, so long as you're very competent in the other 2 areas.

    Don't these descriptions closely describe people you know from pharmacy (who end up passing):

    Have good reasoning skills, excel at math, but just don't remember all the trivia and facts from pharmacy school? You should take some time to review the major topic areas, but you should easily pass.

    Have a great photographic memory, excel at math, but got yelled at in lab and therapeutics for not connecting the dots and not giving optimum care? Read over the questions on the exam several times to see if you missed anything, but you should easily pass.

    Have a great photographic memory, great critical thinking skills, but lack math skills? Congratulations, you're the easiest case to boost! Go and brush up on the major calculations areas and you will easily pass!

    Relax, focus on mastering at least 2 competency areas, and then work on your 3rd. Even if your 3rd competency is quite lacking, you will pass if the other 2 are up to speed.

    You can create some of your own luck: Show up early to the exam, practice driving to and from the exam site the day prior, get a good night's rest before the exam, take bathroom breaks when they come up during the exam.

    I promise you, if you master 2 of the 3 competencies and are not complete trash in the 3rd, more often than not, you will pass.
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