Medical Will Your Medical School Personal Statement Stand Out?

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Your challenge: show the admissions committee that you are unique in just 5,300 characters! Convey your passion for medicine, show what kind of person and student you are, and what kind of physician you’ll be in the future… No big deal, right? Right.

It’s not you – personal statements can be challenging to get right.

Oftentimes, we hear from med school applicants who worry that their personal statements will be too similar to those of other applicants – because they have similar experiences, or similar motivations for pursuing medicine. And with so many competitive applicants, that is definitely a concern. You have to stand out.

Given these challenges, how can you make sure that your personal statement represents you as effectively as possible? How can you overcome the challenge of the blank page – and create a successful med personal statement?

From our extensive experience coaching applicants like you to med school success, we’ve learned what works – and what doesn’t – when it comes to personal statements. Our one-hour webinar, The 5-Step Guide to Successful Medical School Personal Statements, is a skills-based roadmap to personal statement success. You’ll learn how to approach your personal statement thoughtfully – so that you won’t be intimidated by that blank page, or by your competition.

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