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Jun 6, 2000
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To Promote the New Student Nurse Network, SDN Communications Inc. will give one $50 gift certificate and 5 $10 gift certificates from to selected people who post on the Student Nurse and Nurse Practioner Network forum between now and August 1!

5 random posts will be selected for the $10 prizes.

The best post, selected by an SDN and SNN committee, will be awarded the $50 prize.

Gift certificates will be sent to the e-mail you registered with (to update your e-mail address, change your profile settings at the top of the main screen)

By the way, congratulations to Pebbles and NLS for being the first two posters. We have sent you prizes in addition to being entered in the above competition!

Thank you!

Jenny Henderson, RN, BSN
SDN Communications, Inc.
The Student Nurse Network

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