Wish 4th year Med students good luck tommorrow!!


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Feb 15, 2003
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    Originally posted by DrJeff
    Yup, tommorrow 3/18 is their match day. The only way that I know this is that my sister in-law is a 4th year med at Temple and finds out where she'll be doing her OB/GYN residency
    But in fairness, they all know *whether* they matched or not, so they have at least that much peace of mind (or agony +pissed+ )


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    Nov 2, 2000
      Oh yes. I wish your sister all the luck in the world. OB/GYN huh? That is a real leap of faith given the the rotten way those folks are being treated by insurance companies and govenmental agencies these days.

      Boy oh howdy, my daughter's OB/GYN did a tremendous job saving my twin grandsons last week who had to be taken two months early by C-Section because of a life threatening situation. I say God bless her and all the staff that assisted and are still assisting.
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