Withdraw then resubmit amcas?

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Sep 4, 2006
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I made a mistake on amcas by having an international contact for an activity (supervisor moved) leaving number blank and writing contact number: in the activities paragraph bc right after my other supervisor in America got back to me. I want to switch the contact info. Bc I think the international number looks weird and am sad. I saw amcas today tweeted: “Resubmitting your application after submission will not delay processing of your AMCAS application. #AMCASfact” is it possible for me to click withdraw and then resubmit with the new information???
Don't withdraw your application. If you do, you are barred from applying again until the next application season (June 2020).

This is a minor issue. Don't fret over it. If an Activity checker can't interpret the Contact information, they will get in touch with you for clarification.
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