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Withdrawal letter example?

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Its A Mistake
10+ Year Member
May 23, 2006
  1. Medical Student
    Dear Medical School

    The competitive nature of medical schools is greatly increasing. Due to this fact there are many medical schools interested in my application.
    I regret to inform your school did not meet the competitive criteria for me to enter the 2006 starting class.

    This rejection in no way reflects on your school’s qualifications or ability to attract students. It simply indicates how wonderful I am and that I am just too good for you.
    Please do not let this discourage you from accepting other students and good luck with all your future classes.


    10+ Year Member
    5+ Year Member
    Jan 20, 2006
    1. Pre-Medical
      doc14 said:
      I just got pulled off a waitlist at my top choice and now I need to withdraw from a school. Anyone have an example of a proper withdrawal letter I could use? Thanks in advance!

      Take the funniest rejection letter you have ( mine is from Datmouth: Dear X:I am writting to share what I believe is DISAPPOINTING NEWS.We appreciate the time you spent CRAFTING and COMPILING this appl. Our small class size dictate that we must limit our acceptance to a FRUSTRATINGLY small proportion.....I can assure your appl was considered w/ great care despite this disappointing outcome. ... We appreciate the chance we have had to learn s/thing about you.) then replace everything about applicant by school like Dear Med School....and finally I appreciate the chance I've had to learn s/thin about you.
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