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Feb 26, 2010
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I'm in my senior year (plan on taking five though with a double major in psych and bio and chem minor) and just had to withdraw from a class this semester. It was a bio 300 level and immunology. I couldn't figure out what the prof. wanted on the essay tests and was doing really bad (think 0 out of 15 on test questions....). I'm currently taking four other classes including bio 263-genetics and bio 481-advanced anatomy and a psych 356- biopsych course that I'm not sure will count as a science class. I feel like I can get an A in all of these now that I'm not worrying over Immunology anymore. I currently AM getting an A in them... I have a 3.72 cgpa and if I get the grades that I'm expecting I'll have a 3.75 cgp. Not sure about the sgpa, but it should be somewhere around 3.6. I'm applying to med schools over the summer after I take the MCAT for a second time.... I was wondering how big of a red flag the W will be on my transcripts and whether I'll be asked about it in any interviews that I hopefully get??? Lol, sorry for the long post but I didn't want to leave any important stuff out :)

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