Withdrawing letter of intent while on waitlist?

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Jun 27, 2022
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I am in the fortunate position of having been accepted to an excellent MD program that I would be happy to attend. I am on a waitlist for another excellent program in my hometown and would be even happier being close to family. I am considering sending a letter of intent to school 2, but I'm wondering, what happens if mid-May rolls around and I haven't been accepted off the WL to school 2? Is it a bad idea to withdraw a LOI at that point? Either school requires a long distance move (and moving an S.O.) and I hate the idea of getting to 6-8 weeks before moving and still being uncertain where I was going. Even though I'd rather attend school 2, would they be understanding of this or should I not send a LOI at all? I am a competitive candidate holding multiple As. Thanks in advance.

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Schools don't take letters of intent seriously so it doesn't matter whether you send one or not. You could always send an update and say that you are still interested if space becomes available. Stay on the waitlist. At the point where you feel you can't wait any longer, take yourself off the waitlist and withdraw your application.

I recall someone I knew in real life who signed a lease with several roommates for School A only to be taken the next day from the waitlist for his dream school. I guess it was nice to know that he was good enough to get in but it had to sting a bit to say "no" after wishing for so long to get the call.
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