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Jun 26, 2019
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    Hi all!

    I have recently been pulled off of the waitlists for both of these schools. I absolutely loved both interview days and feel like I would do well at either school. Both schools seem to have a focus on early clinical experience, which I am excited for. I made a pros and cons list, but please let me know if I am incorrect about any aspects of each school!

    MSUCHM (EL campus):
    - Lower cost of attendance.
    - I like the unique, more self-paced curriculum.
    - I know a few current students, both of whom have greatly enjoyed their time at CHM thus far.
    - Their focus on primary care lines up with what I want to do as a physician.
    - It is a more established school with better name recognition (I have worked with many CHM physicians while scribing).

    - The possibility of having to move for M3/M4 year.
    - Weaker clerkships than WMed.
    - East Lansing building is older and more run-down than WMed.

    - Preferred area (Kalamazoo >East Lansing)
    - The facilities are absolutely beautiful.
    - Stronger teaching hospital system for clerkships.
    - I like the spaced-out curriculum with a week off every block.

    - Less established program (although match results are very promising).
    - More expensive (about $112,000 difference in tuition alone, before interest).
    - More traditional testing with formative and summative exams every block.
    - Larger focus on team-based learning vs. self-learning.

    I'm just looking for some feedback, possibly from current or former students as well! The curriculum and cost of attendance are making me lean toward CHM, but I honestly think I would really find my home at either school. :) Thank you!

    Edit: The price difference is actually $112,00 for tuition, not $68,000.
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