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women's health track


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Jul 18, 2007
  1. Medical Student
    What are your thoughts on IM programs with a women's health track? What advantages does it provide? Is it really that different from a regular categorical IM program where you could choose to do women's health electives?

    I looked at a few programs' websites including Pittsburgh, VCU and Jacobi that offer this track, and it sounds intriguing to me. I am also interested in OB/GYN but am not sure if it is quite for me. I have always enjoyed performing pap tests, colposcopy and other minor procedures and was somewhat disappointed that many internists I have worked with avoid these things like the plague! :)

    I'd especially love to hear from anyone out there that is in a women's health track currently. Thanks!


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    Mar 16, 2003
      I went to pittsburgh for medical school and am now an IM intern at UCSF and not really into womens health as a specialty being a guy and all. As to the womens health program at Pitt, I found that these were often the best residents in the internal medicine program and beyond that they often seemed the happiest/most satisfied with their experience. I think part of it was the camraderie and part of it was the focused common experience. They definetly focused on routine gyn stuff as part of their training and practice.
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