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Wondering about my career....Pharmacy or PA??? Please READ THIS

Discussion in 'Pre-Pharmacy' started by Pharmasee, May 13, 2008.

  1. Pharmasee

    Pharmasee 2+ Year Member

    Jul 27, 2007
    So I applied to USC and Western this year and got waitlisted at Western and got rejected to USC. My family told me that I made a mistake applying to 2 schools.

    I feel sort of like a failure right now because I want to apply to PA programs and my family tells me that PA is a lowclass career and that I should apply to pharmacy schools out of state and take the PCAT.

    But I dont want to spend my entire summer studying for the PCATs. Im 27 and want to get on with my life. I've been antisocial for so long and want to have fun and work and pay off my loans this summer.

    I was thinking I would apply to PA and pharm programs in Southern California and whichever one I get in, I would just do that. I just want to have a nice career in Southern Cali near my friends and family. I thought if Im a PA, it's only 2 years, I wont have to spend as much money on tuition, and my job wont be stressful and I can make 80K/year, maybe more.

    What do you guys think? Do you think Im weak for not wanting to move away from home? Do you think if I become a PA, I will make good money? Do you think Im a loser for living with my family at the age of 27? I dont have a full time job, I make $1500 a month and live with my parents..

    I've tried my best until now, I have a 3.3, 1000 hours of health service, sports team, CVS employee for 6 months, graduated from a good school, solid letter of recc.

    Please give me some good advice.
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  3. Idesiretosling

    Idesiretosling 2+ Year Member

    Oct 20, 2006
    Damn how much are your parents making that they consider 80k-90k lowclass?

    And if PAs are lowclass making the salary that they do, would that in fact mean someone making 1500/month is equivalent to gutter trash class.

    Point being, ignore your parents and pick a career that makes you happy. It doesn't sound like you are looking at either career for the right reasons going off your post.

    Concern yourself less with the salary differences and more with what you would enjoy doing for next few decades of your life.
  4. rxforlife2004

    rxforlife2004 Banned Banned 5+ Year Member

    Jan 13, 2004
    PA is a good career choice. U can't go wrong with being a PA these days...seriously.
  5. Pharmasee

    Pharmasee 2+ Year Member

    Jul 27, 2007
    Where can I find out more about PAs? the job market?
    I wish there was a PA category on studentdoctor?

    It's really time consuming to go on every little website and read everything.
  6. glowinglimabean

    glowinglimabean 2+ Year Member

    Feb 6, 2008
    Maybe this can help you out.

    In SDN the PA forum it's under clinician category.
    I am sure that you are aware of the recertification that is required every 6 years. If that doesn't bother you go ahead and do further exploration about this career.
  7. PharmDstudent

    PharmDstudent 7+ Year Member

    Jan 8, 2007
    What if Western calls you off the waiting list? Hold your horses a little until you find out.
  8. SexyPlexi

    SexyPlexi 2+ Year Member

    Oct 10, 2007
    Atlanta, GA
    LOL...and here I am going, "Pharmacy or Pennsylvania??"


    But I agree that you shouldn't take your parents opinion into account. That is ridiculous to say that PAs are low class or whatever...pick which you think you would really enjoy doing for the rest of your life. I am 26 and won't graduate until I am 32....but you know 2 years in perspective is NOT a big deal. If you pick the wrong one over just two years or a few thousand dollars then you won't care about the time or the money and you will wish you had chosen the right one. Which one do you see yourself enjoying every day for years and years?
  9. RxWildcat

    RxWildcat Julius Randle BEASTMODE! Moderator Emeritus 5+ Year Member

    Mar 25, 2008
    If you do either job for the money or prestige then happiness in either career may be shortlived. You should really pick the one that you WANT to do, not which one falls your way. Both are great careers too, and why would someone think a PA is lowclass?? Either path you decide, best of luck to you.
  10. PharmApp2008

    PharmApp2008 2+ Year Member

    Mar 9, 2008
    Well, I think you need to cut yourself some slack for the time being. If you applied and you didn't get in, oh well, you aren't a loser--if you are even in a position where you qualify for pharmacy school then you're ahead of most of the population. I can understand where you are coming from, last year at this time I was 26 and decided to apply for PT school since it was shorter than pharmacy school (Since I was so old!!). The end result was, I didn't even get in and now I will be starting pharmacy school this fall and I am even older. I am glad though that it worked out this way. I heard that PA school was really hard to get into and that most people pursue nursing first just to get a spot in PA school. That is just what I heard. If you are still living at home, try to save money so that you can be in better shape next year.
  11. PharmApp2008

    PharmApp2008 2+ Year Member

    Mar 9, 2008
    Also, if you are living in southern CA, probably all your peers are living at home too!!!
  12. AbsoluteEthanol

    AbsoluteEthanol PHARMACY STUD 2+ Year Member

    Jan 15, 2008
    Southern California
    oh man, huge mistake, why would you apply to only 2 schools with a 3.3GPA. I mean, not a bad GPA by any means, but still below average for the average California applicant. I would give pharmacy another shot, apply EARLY and apply to every pharmacy school, you should get interviews at Western and Pacific... and if you're lucky and right kick-butt essays perhaps even USC....that is if you're lucky :)

    i don't think anyone can help you with your career choice here, perhaps you can ask on the PA section of this wonderful website ?

    p.s. 27 and living at home with parents, that must suck!
  13. Gitana

    Gitana 5+ Year Member

    Mar 23, 2008
    That's a lousy reason to choose one career over the other.

    That's even worse.

    Believe me, I'm not trying to be rude, just trying to make a point. You're looking at entirely the wrong things as you try to choose a path. It's not about the money, and it's not about the prestige. I know you're tired and you don't want to give away yet another summer, but if you play your cards right this might be the last one. And prestige is soooo subjective!

    If you like Science and you like health-related fields, you can make money in many different ways. You can make 60K+ as a dental hygienist with just 2 1/2 years after high school and minimum student loans, if any, working Monday-Friday with business hours. And I'm talking about Florida, probably in California it's even higher.

    It's all about what you WANT, what you ENJOY, what you see yourself doing day in, day out, day in, day out for the next 20 years of your life.

    Look at the different options you have and research them carefully, but don't forget to take a good look inside yourself.

    Good Luck! :)
  14. Sparda29

    Sparda29 En Taro Adun Pharmacist Classifieds Approved 7+ Year Member

    Mar 25, 2008
    New York, New York
    It all really depends on PA or Pharmacy. A lot of my friends could become doctors or PA's but they don't want to have anything to do with touching patients.

    I'm on the borderline of choosing MD or Pharmacy. I haven't worked in a hospital yet, but from my 20 months in working in a retail pharmacy, I haven't seen anything exciting.
  15. DoctorRx1986

    DoctorRx1986 10+ Year Member

    Feb 11, 2008

    Most of the time, work is not exciting anyway. However, by working at a retail pharmacy and realizing I'm helping people in many different ways, such as giving them suggestions about OTC medications they could take for allergies, a cold, flu, or pain, I feel great satisfaction in knowing I making a slight difference in these peoples' lives. I am a clerk/tech, but it is a great feeling when a patient comes up to me, shows me a scar on his or her arm, and asks me what he or she could use to treat is wonderful to have someone put his or her trust in you and know that you could possibly assist them. I do all of these things, of course with the consent and ultimate authority of the pharmacist, but even in my position, I find it satisfying. I wouldn't describe it as "fun", but I surely feel that i'm making a difference, especially when some returning patients come back and greet me with warm hello, how are you and a smile.

    Retail has its stresses and crazy days that i absolutely detest and that drive me mad and sometimes make me feel like an idiot, but that's expected anywhere you go and in any medical profession. Even if you pursue the MD, you will not find it particularly exciting either. You will, however, probably feel the same gratification in knowing you are directly helping a patient recover from illness...this is, of course, true if you are not only working in either profession for the money.
  16. Pharmpills

    Pharmpills Accepted Pharmacy Student 7+ Year Member

    Oct 26, 2007
    your story sounds sad but PA is a great job just as pharmacy. I mean when u die ur not going to take all that money with u and PA will pay off your bills, get you a home, etc. I assume you will apply for PA for Fall 2009 so do that and also apply to pharmacy school out of state. I mean i understand that you feel you want to just finish school and "start" your life bc i feel the same way and im about 5 years younger :laugh:. A 3.3 GPA is not too bad, u have to take the GRE for most PA schools so take that exam which isn't too bad at all. You shouldn't kill urself about being 27 at home and not worry about stupid comments like one i saw with a "p.s" bull**** message along with it.

    Apply again but make sure you apply to more than one program like apply to both pharmacy and PA with PA being your backup school bc what's two years more when u will make 40,000 more per year plus even more if you work extra hours.

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