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Jul 12, 2006
Hi Guys,

I am waiting for med school to start and I want to do some do some test prep work to save some cash. I was on TPR website trying to apply for a position. For some reason, I cant complete my application. I just want to ask for those who work for TPR, how did you make contact with them? Should I just call the center that is in my city?

Thanks for the help


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Mar 6, 2008
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just call or go to the center there. they'll ask you to come for a group interview where you have to teach something for 5 minutes to a group (usually like 3 people or so, depending on how many they have interviewing). anyway, you also bring them your scores (which are very nice btw) when you go do that, and then as long as you can communicate reasonably well, you'll be asked to do training for whatever section you wanna teach (either verbal, gchem, ochem, physics, or bio), then you start teaching
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