Working in private University Hospital in Istanbul

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Mar 13, 2016
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Hi everyone,

I'm an Egyptian fully trained neurosurgeon who wants to practice in Turkey. I'm currently in Istanbul studying Turkish Language in Tomer . What are the essential steps to do in order to get a medical license to practice in one of the private hospitals here in Turkey. I'm not going to apply for residency. I just need to get a good job in one of the private hospitals here in Istanbul based on my previous clinical training in Egypt and wide research experience in the US.

What is the diploma equivalency test ? How and when can I apply for it ? Any details about that test will be appreciated. I have an MBBCH and MSc in my field as a neurosurgeon. I finished my residency training in Egypt 3 years ago but I got an offer to practice here in Istanbul if I can get a license to practice and get catch of the language .

Is the diploma equivalency test "TUS exam". Should I take the TUS even though I don't wanna apply for residency. Please I need to know more about which test should I go to and how after I finish my Turkish Language classes at TOMER.

Is there any other Turkish language proficiency test after I'm done with Tomer.

Thank you so much