Sep 14, 2009
I know that no school is really a "safety school." Nevertheless, I just got rejected from a school which matched my stats on MSAR. I am terrified that the other schools I applied to will also reject me now too.

Has this happened to any of you? Did you get accepted by schools that you thought were a reach, and rejected by schools where most applicants matched your stats?


10+ Year Member
Jul 3, 2008
stats based on MSAR are not clear cut. all-in-all don't panic :) i got accepted to schools that were not within my reach but nevertheless was offered an interview and acceptance letter (applied to these top well known med schools just to please my parents). i also got rejected to schools that had stats matching mine but apparently i wasn't viewed to be a favorable applicant. so relax and just wait and see :thumbup: we still got dec, jan, and feb.