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Worst Interviews and Why


Junior Member
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Nov 13, 2005
My worst interview is a toss-up so I'll talk about them both.

At Wake I had this Chinese gyno who I honestly believe didn't speak a great amount of English. I grew up overseas in places like Hong Kong and Singapore, yet I had a really hard time understanding this guy. His accent was so thick and his sentences were pretty jumbled at times. It didn't help that I often felt that he wasn't fully understanding my answers either as his replies would have some semblance of my answer, but then part would clearly have been misconstrued. With their strict 15 mins system it's really hard to have a flowing conversation and get stuff across in this kind of situation. Maybe it was a test, I don't know, but it really made for a bad impression and bad experience.

The other was one that I THOUGHT went badly, but I now believe my suspicions were correct on. At USCarolina one of my interviewers seemed intent on arguing pretty much everything I said. I particularly enjoyed being asked what the 5 tenets of speaking are, like there's some set of 5 rules about basic speaking written down somewhere that we should all know. I went on to talk about what I thought made for a good coversationalist (talking with instead of at, demonstrating attentive listening, etc) and apparently my answer was rule #2 about engagement. What? At other times he just wanted to disagree with me simply to disagree I think. Maybe this was his way of testing me and I guess I passed since I got accepted, but it also left a bit of a bad taste. This is particularly true because they emphasize how well the faculty gets along with the students.
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