Worth including 9 hours of volunteering AMCAS?


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Aug 7, 2017
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Hi all,

This semester, I started volunteering at a Hospice center for 1.5 hours a week. In total, I was able to do 6 weeks of this before COVID shut everything down, for a total of 9 hours. Is this even worth including on my application? I really did enjoy the brief time I was at the hospice center and working with the residents, but I already have 12 other much more substantial activities (time-wise) and don't want to look like I'm just trying to fill out all 15 boxes or waste admissions officers' time.

Also, another question: I was on a team for a case competition that ended up winning. I currently have this listed as honors/awards (since we won), but I did take on a leader-like role within the team (albeit without a title). Should I list this leadership (I currently have none), or is awards/honors correct? The description I've included is below:

  • During this day-long on-campus competition, I learned to use XXX software to create surveys and worked with a team to implement a solution to a business problem and present it to a panel of judges. In addition to learning this software, this experience allowed me to practice working in a team, including delegating tasks to match group members' abilities, mediating between conflicting viewpoints, and working to resolve problems under timed pressure. Furthermore, given the fast-paced nature of the competition, I practiced thinking on my feet and learning quickly to deliver a quality solution to the task provided.

Thoughts @Goro, @gonnif, or @LizzyM ?

Thanks everyone.
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