Aug 10, 2009
I have been planning on applying this cycle, but my pubs are either in the process of being written and reviewed, so I would not be able to put them on my app at the beginning. I am already a weaker candidate, so I wonder if I should wait until next year?

Next year at this time I will have atleast 2 pubs and 100+ hours more of clinical volunteering…

cGPA 3.25
sGPA 3.15
MCAT 38R (13,13,12)
PA resident

I had an awful senior year (2.7) because of work-class conflicts; my fault, but I realized too late.

-Reach Out and Read: 2yrs (300hrs), College Coordinator (led book drives, recuited people).
-Service project: 4months (100hrs), abroad.
-Mentor/tutor for high school students

-200+ hrs shadowing (peds, family, surgery, neuro)
- 250hrs over 4 months clinical volunteer (transporting patients, translating, ect..)

-1yr internship in biotech industry
-2yr research tech position in academia
-undergrad research project that resulted in poster presentation at regional meeting.

-VP on college class (4yrs)
-Pres of academic club (3yrs)
-private tutor (7yrs)
-member of several ensembles (since I was 10), have traveled to europe to play.
Sep 4, 2006
Inside the tesseract
I would wait a year to apply for a number of reasons, were I you:

1) Publications impress everyone.
2) Applying with only four months of clinical experience won't be greeted with enthusiasm by adcomms.
3) Applying with a downward grade trend senior year will not look good. Your MCAT score is theoretically strong enough to compensate for the low cGPA, but the science GPA needs to finish strong. I'd take more coursework in upper-level science over the next year and get all As.

Your ECs are otherwise very good. When the time comes, I think you'll need to apply very broadly due to the discordant stats, but I think that terrific MCAT score will catch someone's eye and cause them to look further into your application where they'll see the grade trend and read an essay about whatever happened, and give you a chance. Consider adding some DO schools to your list to guarantee an acceptance on the first go-round.
Aug 10, 2009
Thanks for the reply. I am sure there is a thread out there about this, but will it be a problem if I take those extra upper level science classes at a state school, or should I stray away?